Privacy Policy

Support My Mosque

By using the Support My Mosque application, you agree to this Privacy Policy. We take the privacy and protection of your personal information very seriously. The policy explains the way we process, store and protect your personal information.

What this Privacy Policy covers

This Privacy Policy describes how Islamic Community Group (Support My Mosque) (“we”) uses your personal information when you download and install the Support My Mosque Application on your mobile device.

The Support My Mosque Application is developed, owned, and operated by Islamic Community Group 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Company registration Number: 15079930.

What is the Support My Mosque application?

Support My Mosque is an app that generates Islamic content on the user’s phone.

Support my mosque is a service with the mobile network operators in which the app pulls Islamic content from our server, composes it into messages in the background of your phone and then the message is sent back to the server, this in turn generates revenue for your masjid. The money is generated by one network charging another for network termination. This service has been agreed upon with our network providers and is in accordance with network operators guidelines.

What Personal Information do we collect?

When you download and install the Support My Mosque application on your mobile device, you are explicitly asked to provide the following personal information:

  1. Your mobile telephone number.
  2. Network operator.

We use your mobile telephone number to send a verification text to your phone to ensure that the number is correct. We also use this information for reporting purposes to calculate payment for the masjid. We also ask you for your mobile operator so that we can verify the number corresponds to the network operator so that we can assign an opposing network operator to send the message in order to generate the revenue.

How we protect your personal information

We take all appropriate state of the art security measures to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data. In our security policy and procedures, we ensure that only authorised individuals have access to data, that access to the data is protected and that all security measures are regularly monitored. The Support My Mosque platform is designed and developed based on ISO27001 standards.

Your Personal data will not be transferred to any third-party companies or individuals.

Consent, opt out, access personal data.

If you no longer consent to the use of your personal information as outlined in this policy, please delete the Support My Mosque application from your mobile device after which the system will recognise the number is inactive and automatically remove your data from the system. If you want to request an overview of your personal data on our system please send an e-mail outlining your request to /

If you delete the application from your mobile device your Personal information will no longer be used.

For further information about the use of the app you can read the help section, available in the menu of the app or the website, or contact us.