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How it Works


Download the Support My Mosque App

Once the App is installed, it will automatically send daily Seerah messages which you can read on your phone.


The Payment for your Masjid is calculated from the portal

The support my mosque team will administer payments for each Masjid for its users that have reached 100%.


The Mosque gets paid

Support My Mosque will pay the Masjid £4 for each person, for a completed 100% Cycle for as long as they keep the App on their phone and within network coverage.
(For more info please see FAQ`s)

Download now and watch your Mosque

Earn Money Each Month!

Earn Money Each Month!

Please Note: Users must have an Unlimited SMS plan. Please see full terms & conditions.

Download now and watch your Mosque

Earn Money Each Month!

Earn Money Each Month!

Please Note: Users must have an Unlimited SMS plan. Please see full terms & conditions.

Support My Mosque

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About Us

We are a collective of passionate individuals who share a deep commitment to the well-being of the Muslim community. United under the banner of the “Islamic Community Group,” our mission is to drive positive change and empowerment within our local Muslim communities.

Our core values revolve around innovation and collaboration, as we strive to find creative solutions that enhance the lives of our community members. In an era of escalating operating expenses for masajids and Islamic institutions, we have dedicated ourselves to addressing this challenge.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the fields of IT and telecommunications, coupled with our strong ties to local Islamic establishments, we have devised an ingenious solution. Through a user-friendly mobile application, masjids and Islamic institutions can now effortlessly receive Lillah donations without any financial burden on themselves or the public.

We are driven by a shared vision of fostering a stronger, more resilient Muslim community, and our commitment to this cause fuels our unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact. Join us on this journey of empowerment and positive transformation.

Potential Rewards for The Mosque

£4 paid every monthly cycle for each person who downloads the Support My Mosque App and keeps it on their phone.

Support My Mosque Chart


“Masha`allah. A great initiative. A simple yet effective way to assist our Masajid without any effort or financial strain. A must for all!”

Maulana Talha (Jamea Masjid, Preston)

“I think it`s a fantastic idea and no brainer! All Masajid and Islamic institutions should get their people on it.”

Maulana Abdul Raheem (Tafseer Raheemi, Bolton)

“Support My Mosque’s innovative app can empower our Masajid to receive donations effortlessly. A seamless, impactful solution for supporting your Masjid financially.”

Maulana Muhammad Taaha (The Olive Studio)

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have created a service with the mobile network operators in which the app pulls Islamic content from our server, composes it into messages in the background of your phone and then the message is sent back to the server, this in turn generates revenue for your Masjid.

Support My Mosque functions well on almost all Android phone types!

A total of £4 will be given on your behalf to your chosen Masjid per completed cycle.

Every message generates revenue for the Masjid. When you have reached 100%, we will then organise payment to your Masjid.

Everyday the messages generated from your phone will equate to 3% (Roughly) dependent on network availability.

We have carefully chosen Islamic content from verified sources and had them approved by various Islamic Scholars. The content we have chosen is palatable for the whole of the Islamic community within the UK.

No, the app does not read any messages within your inbox, nor does it impinge on any of your privacy, Only the Islamic content generated from your phone will get forwarded to our server. For more information please read the Privacy Policy.

The Support My Mosque application is developed, owned, and operated by Islamic Community Group Limited, we as individuals are also respected members in the telecommunications industry as well as withing our Muslim community. Our privacy policy explains the way we process, store and protect your personal information.

Click here to see infographic

The following instructions will help you to register your phone number in the Support My Mosque App:

  1. You can download the app from our website or scan the QR Code from the leaflet.
  2. Once pressed you will be promoted by your browser that this file “might” be harmful press download anyway.
  3. Install the application and allow permissions.
  4. Register your phone number.
  5. You will receive a notification message from our server to verify your number
  6. Select your network operator
  7. Enter your Masjid’s activation code
  8. Press Submit
  9. You will receive your first message within 3 hours

In case you having issues registering, please remove the app from your device and reinstall it and make sure you accept all permission for the app to function.

Install Support My Mosque on your new Android phone and follow the registration process. Your account is connected to your phone number, so after the registration process you will see your Percentage back on the screen.

Just delete the app. You will no longer receive our messages anymore.

If you are seeing messages being generated but you’re percentage on your app hasn’t changed then please download the latest version of the app and follow these steps.

At the end of every month every user that has reached a 100% your Masjid will be paid out on the beginning of the following month.

If you have followed all steps yet you still facing issues then please contact us.

Because we haven’t put this on the App store yet. (Insha’Allah we are working on it). At present, it needs permission to install from unknown sources to allow it to install directly from the website.
Any communications app, e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram etc, will also ask for the same access. This allows the app to generate the messages of the Seerah.
No, people within our Masjid community have overseen the development of this App and no data apart from your mobile number and network is requested.
We are working on it and insha’Allah we hope to have it available on the Apple Store in the near future.

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